Zero Down Financing in new White Bluffs Subdivision!


New White Bluffs subdivision in Richland–zero down financing for qualified buyers!

We can help you build a home in Richland with no money down in the new White Bluffs subdivision!  Homes will be priced from $190-300,000.  There are five builders available to choose from:  Valiant Homes, Septan Homes, Conner Construction, Shepherd Homes, and SunCrest Homes.  Choices of lots, house plans, and builders can sometimes be overwhelming; we can guide you through the process and help find the perfect fit for you!  Zero-down financing is available for qualified buyers through the USDA.

Many people don’t realize they can have their own agent to represent and assist them through the building process.  Building is very competitive–we have helped six clients build homes so far this year.  We’ve been able to help by negotiating lower-than-asking prices, making adjustments during the building process, and ensuring the closing proceeds in a smooth and timely manner.  Just as the seller pays both agents during the purchase of an existing home, most builders will pay both agents, allowing you to build a home with the help of your own agent at no additional cost!

If you’d like more information about building in White Bluffs or have questions about USDA financing, purchasing a lot, personalizing a house plan, or finding the right builder to fit you needs, please call us at (509)845-4570.  We’d be happy to help you out!

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