Tri-Cities school district boundaries–if you are looking for a house for sale in a specific school or district boundary, please let us know. The boundaries can be confusing, especially if schools are full, or for certain Richland residents who live in the Kennewick school boundaries. We link you directly to the school districts to keep you up to date on the latest boundary changes. We recommend you verify all school information through the district before you purchase your home.

3-fullscreen-capture-282014-83200-pm Richland School District Website   (includes Richland and West Richland)



1-fullscreen-capture-282014-82935-pm Pasco School District Website



2-fullscreen-capture-282014-83113-pm  Kennewick School District Website (Kennewick boundaries will be changing in the 2016-17 school year)



4-fullscreen-capture-282014-83345-pm Finley School District Website



5-fullscreen-capture-282014-83513-pm Columbia School District Website (Burbank)



6-fullscreen-capture-282014-83609-pm Kiona Benton School District Website (Benton City)




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