The wish list…”Perfect” or “I’ll pass”

One client's wish list

One interesting part of the real estate business is the checklist most clients have for their new home.  Dealmakers or breakers can include anything from #of parking spaces to # of stories, and other tangibles such as:  bedrooms, bathrooms, square feet, layout, wheelchair accessibility,yard size, school district, proximity to work, and a number of other features that lend themselves to a list. 

Other important aspects of a home are harder to pinpoint, becuase they include intangibles such as the feel of the neighborhood, the view, or the feeling created by the combination of wall, cabinet, trim, and flooring color and design.  We are all influenced by these intangibles–this is what makes us declare a home “Perfect” or “I’ll pass.” 

When we show homes, we always start with the tangibles–usually location, bedrooms, and square feet.  As we tour each house, we listen for what you REALLY want (or don’t want) in a home–and narrow it down until we find a place that works perfectly for you. 



The first list is for an actual client, just in case your home fits and you’re interested in selling.    We never know when a new buyer will come along with a new wish list, so let us know if you’re getting ready to sell, or if you’re just curious to know the value of your home.  Also let us know what your own wish list includes! 




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