“Prep, paint, stage, scrub, improve, repeat.”

A client recently asked us what should be done to prep their house for sale.  Paint the exterior?  Re-carpet?  The answer depends on location, condition of the home, how much effort and money you can invest, and price range. We recommend renovating only if it will bring a higher return than the cost of the upgrade, and that varies according to buyers’ expectations of condition and price. If most comparable homes have vinyl windows or granite countertops, an upgrade may attract more buyers and a higher sales price than the cost of installation. Since the situation is unique for every seller, we like to assess the house, review the possibilities, and suggest upgrades only if they add to the seller’s profit.

The prep work for this West Pasco sale included removing clutter, touch up paint, shampooing carpet, cleaning grout, maintaining yard, and staging the back patio.

The best prep work is to have your home as clean, well-maintained, and desirable as possible. Think model-home desirable. Thoroughly clean and eliminate clutter and unsightly problems that could draw negative attention. Invite someone to walk through with a fresh point of view (we’d be happy to!), then make a punch list to work on. Many small and inexpensive improvements can make a huge impact: touch up paint on walls and trim, fill nail holes, shampoo carpets, caulk bathrooms, power wash the exterior, stage for efficiency and attraction, remove most personal photos, knickknacks, clutter, and papers from the refrigerator door. If there are any repairs needed, feel free to seek aid from local handyman services.

We love this quote:  “Prep, paint, stage, scrub, improve, repeat. Efforts can include caulking, plastering, planting flowers, adding potted plants, making the windows spotless, pressure washing that oily driveway, edging the walks, trimming the bushes and trees, and mending the fences. None of these is excessively capital-intensive, but when applied en masse, they say “buy me.”  (Steve McLinden, Bankrate.com). And one thing all sellers can agree on is that they want their house to say “buy me!”

For more advice on prepping your home for sale, give Nick or Valerie Kunde a call at (509)845-4570–we’d love to help you prep your home to sell.

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