Kennewick Park 2 story – Under Contract in 33 Days!

This weekend we placed our listing at 8914 W Falls Avenue, Kennewick, WA, under contract!  This is a great example of a house priced to sell at market value–it showed 16 times in 32 days.  The buyers saw it twice the 32nd day-on-market (Friday), and made an offer after their 3rd showing (Saturday).  It is typical for buyers to move fast once they find a house they love in their price range, and this Kennewick Park house was no exception. 

Pricing your home at market value has many benefits:  Showings are constant and remain fresh in the minds of Realtors (3 agents showed this property to more than 1 client–chances are those agents “kept it in mind” as a good deal even if it didn’t fit their 1st client).  Also, offers tend to be stronger because the house shows well for the price range, a desirable price may generate a higher offer, sellers don’t have to worry about indefinitely keeping the house ready for showings, and the seller is free to move on with a serious offer on their next dream home. 

We’d love the opportunity to sell your home in 33 days too!  We can give you a neighborhood analysis with recent sold and listing prices in your area so you can be informed and know your market value. 




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