For Sale by Owner vs. Hiring a Realtor

 Many homeowners try to sell their house by owner.  Before we were Realtors, we tried selling ours by owner too.  We had showings, but no serious buyers–they couldn’t get a loan, wanted to lease, had a house to sell, etc.  We grew tired of keeping our house spotless just in case someone wanted to take a look.  We contacted a Realtor who listed us on the MLS.  Yes, we paid a commission, but the MLS allowed our house to be shown by all local agents, and they brought serious buyers.  Our house sold in just over 1 month!  

There are so many benefits to hiring an agent.  Approximately 93% of homes are sold though MLS listings–serious (and prequalified!) buyers use an agent because it’s free for them.  Your agent will advertise your house, negotiate in your behalf, prepare your paperwork, and coordinate smooth transactions with the buyer’s agent, loan officer, & title company.  And in the event that something goes wrong, you have a representative who is dedicated to helping you.  Priceless. 

If you still decide to sell by owner, we’ll give you a free market analysis and wish you the best of luck.  If you decide to invest in a Realtor, we’d love to list your house.  We’re a local company with no national advertising expenses, so we can give you a great deal.  And remember, the seller pays all agent fees, so it’s FREE for you to use us as your Realtor when it’s time to buy your new home! 





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