Tri-Cities home sales per price range

The most important factors to consider when selling or buying a home are location and price.  Buyers often start with an area, then look for homes within their price range.  Their goal is to find the best possible home they can within the range they can afford.  Of course there are other factors such as layout, style, lot size, etc., but location and price are the most important factors.

Prices of homes sold on the MLS in 2012

Prices of homes sold on the MLS in 2012

Lower priced listings sell fast because there are many buyers in that price range.  We’ve found that homes in the Tri-Cities listed under $200,000 in good condition don’t last long.  Last week we listed a home priced at $139,900 in great condition.  It had many showings right away, and we received 3 offers the first week!  We also have a few homes priced around $450-525,000.  They’re great homes at a great price (both less than the cost of building!), but they don’t show as often because there are fewer people shopping in that price range.  The chart does not show homes sold outside of the MLS, such as when an agent takes a buyer directly to the builder, or when a buyer contacts a builder directly.

Whatever your price range, it’s important to get comparables for active and sold listings in your neighborhood.  This is important for buyers and sellers.  If you’d like comparables in your neighborhood, we can email you active and sold listings that are similar to your house.  Simply contact us at or call us at (509)845-4570.

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