Our Favorite Upgrades at the Tri-Cities Home & Garden Show

We had a great time at the Tri-Cities 2012 Regional Home & Garden Show.  There were so many fun things to see–a perfect place to gather ideas for building, remodeling, or even just selective upgrades like this backyard pool!

If we could pick just one upgrade for our own home…

 There were over 200 businesses represented including builders, remodelers, landscapers, roofers, painters, plumbers, & closet organizers, as well as flooring, cabinet,  glass, window covering, insulation, cleaning, HVAC, & morgage companies.   We ran into many friends and companies we’ve worked with, and enjoyed the fun, functional, and informative displays! 

If you have plans to build, update, remodel, or just spruce up your house, please let us know.  We can help you select upgrades that add value to your home and find contractors or companies to suit your specific needs. Hire the pest control in Mornington for an inspection and a cleaning service

Tips for Making Repair Requests
You’ll generally want to focus on bigger-picture items if you’re going to make repair requests. Remember that sellers are on their way out of the home (they may already have a new one), and they probably don’t want to put much time or cash into a property they’re just about to leave. They may also be on a tight timeline.

Here are some general tips for making repair requests as a homebuyer:

Don’t nitpick small items unless the home is brand new. Address major issues and safety issues first.
Don’t make repair requests for items that could have been readily ascertained on your initial walk-through of the home, such as cracked sidewalks, a bad paint job, or uneven floors.
Consider asking the seller to pay for a home warranty. Home warranties cover major defects for a year and provide added peace of mind.
Sellers don’t have to agree to any repair requests. In fact, if it’s a seller’s market and there are lots of buyers vying for the property, they may reject them altogether.





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